Practicing Power Of Now During Your Homeschool Journey


Homeschooling prioritizes a child's current needs and provides flexibility to meet those needs.
Public education often focuses too much on preparing for the future and can neglect current needs, such as health and social issues.
Homeschooling allows for a balance between preparing for the future and meeting current needs, such as mental health, family time, and pursuing other interests like athletics and artistic endeavors.

One of the things that I like about homeschooling is that it offers a unique opportunity to design my child’s education to their individual needs and foster their intellectual, social, and emotional growth in the present moment. My whole life, I’ve struggled with my mental health, and this is why it’s important for me to prioritize mental health and family time. I’ve always wanted to provide my family with a safe and nurturing environment that supports the holistic development of all of us.

My education life had always focused on future tests and exams, neglecting the importance of meeting my current needs. And after I’ve read the book ‘Power of Now‘, I’ve changed many things in our lives and want to highlight the power of prioritizing the now in education.

I find it ironic that prioritizing current needs actually leads to better preparation for the future, while public education’s focus on the future often neglects the present.

As all of my children are homeschooled, I’m trying to make them enjoy their ‘moment’ while learning. We have no rush in our lives. If I see that they are struggling with a certain subject, I try to simplify, find a way that they can enjoy learning, and then I let them take the time to focus on it until they understand it fully. If I see that they lose the joy of the moment, I pass the subject, and then I find a better way that we can try again another time. On the other side, if they excel at a certain subject, we can move on to more challenging material. Unfortunately, this personalized attention and pace aren’t possible in a public school setting.

We have no limit in our lives. As a whole family, we can pursue our interests, volunteer in our community, and start a business while still receiving a quality education.

Overall, homeschooling prioritizes our current needs while still preparing us for a successful future.