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A Family with homeschooling high school children are outdoor

Homeschooling High School: Challenges and Solutions

EsraJul 11, 2023

It can be incredibly rewarding to see your teen grow and thrive academically, but at the same time, it can also be overwhelming to…

A Man And A Little Girl Cleaning A Kitchen.

Balancing Homeschooling and Housework: How To Manage!

EsraJul 11, 2023

As a homeschooling mom with young children at home, I understand the challenges that come with juggling responsibilities. It can be overwhelming to manage…

Two Women Skateboarding In A Skate Park.

Homeschooling Teens: Pursuit Of Interests & Meaningful Work

EsraJul 11, 2023

As a homeschooling parent, I often hear the same tired joke from well-meaning friends and acquaintances: ‘Oh, so your kids get to stay in…

A Family Enjoying A Picnic In The Garden.

Homeschooling Tips: Guide for a Homeschooling Parent

EsraJul 11, 2023

The challenges come with this journey. It’s not just about teaching your child, but also about understanding their unique learning style and finding ways…